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Interactive video revolutionized


RANDIAN represents the evolution of viewer engagement.

Interactive videos offer increased engagement and leave a lasting impact. RANDIAN's patented platform provides this experience in an innovative and exhilarating manner. Our proprietary bookmarking system enables viewers to categorize items of interest within the video and explore them instantly or later, enhancing the overall experience. Watch, discover, buy!

who we are

Our team brings together extensive experience in high-level content production, tech architecture development, and e-commerce, acquired from Fortune 500 companies to successful startups. To learn more about our team members, click here. Our collective expertise encompasses these domains, gained through past endeavors in both Fortune 500 companies and startup ventures. Our platform seamlessly integrates these components, offering a user-friendly solution poised to revolutionize video content and video advertising with a transformative impact.

who we are

The RANDIAN platform combines video content, web-based-technology and ecommerce. Our team encompasses high level content production, tech architecture development and e-commerce at Fortune 500 Companies and successful startups. Click here to see our bios. encompasses all these areas of expertise through past endeavors at Fortune 500 Companies and startup ventures. Our platform merges the parts in a seamless, user-friendly way that will have a positive transformational effect on video content and video advertizing.